Walnut Oil - Refined

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Walnut Oil (Refined)
Walnut oil has the following therapeutic properties, which make it useful for personal use and as ingredient in medicinal products, even home remedies.

Antiseptic - reduces the risk of catching an infection on an open wound.
Anti-inflammatory - Because of omega - 3 fatty acids in walnut oil, it is strongly anti-inflammatory.
Anti-bacterial - kills many strains of bacteria.
Anti-fungal - Walnut oil is a strong anti-fungal, especially against Candida fungus.
Analgesic - natural pain reliever.
Skin regenerative - It promotes the regeneration of skin cells to replace dead, shedding cells.
Skin toner - helps one achieve toned skin which fights sagging in skin.
Emollient - fine moisturizer of skin.
Anti-cancer - Walnut oil may have potential anti-cancer properties against a wide range of cancers. These are being evaluated. This can be attributed to the omega-3 fatty acids and other phytonutrients in walnut oil like ellagitannins.

Food Grade Oil
Expeller Pressed
INCI Name: Juglans Regia (Walnut) Seed Oil

SAP Value: 189-197
Solid Soap (NaOH): 0.138 (NaOH = Sodium Hydroxide)
Liquid Soap (KOH): 0.193 (KOH = Potassium Hydroxide)