Illipe Nut Butter - Refined

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Illipe Butter - Refined

Illipe butter is the fat from the nuts of the Shorea stenoptera, which is a wild crop in the Borneo jungle of Southeast Asia. It flowers from October through January and the nuts are collected once they fall to the ground.
It becomes a pale yellow, solid fat after extraction. It is a hard butter that melts when in contact with skin.

It's known for long-lasting moisturizing and softening properties for hair and skin. Containing oleic, palmitic, stearic and linoleic acid, illipe butter is similar in composition to cocoa butter but has a higher melting point, making it perfect for use in facial skin care products. Illipe butter nourishes the skin and is said to help restore its elasticity.

Melting Point: 100 - 104 degrees F

INCI: Shorea stenoptera (Illipe) Seed Butter
SAP Value: 188-200
Solid Soap (NaOH): 0.138 (NaOH = Sodium Hydroxide)
Liquid Soap (KOH): 0.194 (KOH = Potassium Hydroxide)

Both the 4 oz. and the 16 oz. sizes of cocoa butter are packaged in deli containers while the larger sizes are packaged in a bag in a box.