Hemp Seed Oil (Virgin)

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Virgin Hemp Seed Oil

Virgin Hemp seed oil is known for its excellent absorption (one of the highest of the oils) and its high essential fatty acid content, helping play a preventative role in skin aging and giving skin a healthy moisture balance.If offers relief for irritated skin, and may help with psoriasis and eczema. This oil does retain some of its natural scent, and is a deep green color. As a result of the oil’s high polyunsaturated fatty acid content, heat exposure should be limited. We’ve found it works wonders in anything from lotion to shampoo!

INCI Name: Cannabis Sativa
Extraction Method: Cold Pressed
Processing: Unrefined (Virgin) , Filtered
SAP Value: 188-194
Solid Soap (NaOH): 0.136 (NaOH = Sodium Hydroxide)
Liquid Soap (KOH): 0.1910 (KOH = Potassium Hydroxide)