70 mm Natural Smooth Lid

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70-400 mm Natural Smooth Lid with Pressure Sensitive Liner

PP plastic 70-400 smooth skirt lid with a pressure sensitive liner.
The PS liner has one side with an adhesive that sticks to the landing of the container when pressure is applied to secure the closure. (The landing of a container is the sealing surface of the container’s mouth.) After 24 hours when the lid is remove the PS liner will be sealed to the landing of the container.
This lid is made of polypropylene (PP), which means it has a high heat tolerance level and an excellent resistance to fatigue.

This closure fits a container with a 70-400 neck finish.

Color: Natural (semi-transparent)
Size: 70-400
Material: PP
Diameter: 2.938 in
Height: 0.437 in

Label size that will fit lid: 2.5 inch circle to 2.75 inch circle


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