2 oz. 70mm Clarified Thickwall Jars

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2 oz. 70mm Clarified Thick wall Jar

This jar is made of polypropylene (PP).
This jar is typically used for lotion, cream, serum, gel, putty, clay, hair products, skin products, cleanser, and other personal care products. Good for products with essential oils in them at a rate of 5% or less.

70 mm/400 Polypropylene
Diameter 2.811 in
Height 1.25 in

Lids that will fit this jar:

70 mm Black Ribbed Lid with foam liner

70 mm Black Smooth Lid with foam liner

70 MM Natural HIS Lids

70 mm Natural Smooth Lid with PS liner

70 mm White Smooth Lid with PS liner