Stout and Suds Fragrance Oil

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Take a big sniff of this one. This rich, deep, heady fragrance has notes of oatmeal, orange peel, butterscotch, milk, almond, and vanilla. When we make this one, it fills the entire warehouse with it's rich aroma.

Accelerates trace in cold process and it will darken soaps and other products as it has a 7.5% vanilla content.



MAX Use Rate Category description
Category 1:  Ingredients must be GRAS.  Products in this category include:  Lip products & Toys
 2.6% Category 2:  Deodorant & Antiperspirant products
 12% Category 3:  Eye products, male facial creams, baby creams, baby lotions, baby oils, products applied to recently shaved skin
 28.5% Category 4:  Products applied to unshaved skin (perfumes), hair styling products, hair sprays, body creams, body oils, lotions (except for baby products), hair deodorant, foot care products
 18.6% Category 5:  Female facial creams, facial make-up, hand cream, facial masks, baby powder/talc, wipes or refreshing tissues for face, neck, hands, body.
 0% Category 6:  Ingredients must be GRAS.  Products include:  mouthwash, toothpaste.
 2.8% Category 7:  Intimate feminine wipes, toilet wipes, baby wipes, insect repellent
 4.5% Category 8:  Make-up removers, nail care, hair dyes
 11.3% Category 9:  Bar soap, bath gels, foams, mousses, salts, oils & other products added to bathwater, body washes, conditioner (rinse off), face cleansers, liquid soap, shampoo of all types, shaving creams of all types, aerosol air freshener sprays
 5.6% Category 10:  Laundry detergents of all types, fabric softeners of all types, household cleaning products, dishwashing detergent, shampoos for pets
 No Restriction Category 11:  All non-skin contact, air fresheners, plug-ins, solid substrate, membrane delivery, electrical, potpourri, powders, sachets, incense, lamp rings, reed diffusers, joss & incense sticks, animal sprays & cat litter, candles, deodorizers, maskers, insecticides, scratch and sniff

It is the responsibility of our customers to ensure the safety of the finished product containing all fragrances purchased from us by conducting all necessary tests.
Mile High Soap will often recommend rates that are lower than what IFRA allows.  Your discretion is advised.