Palm Kernel Oil (flakes)

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Palm kernel flakes are used exactly the same as palm kernel oil in your recipes, but they are much easier to handle.

Palm kernel oil comes from the seed or kernel of the palm fruit from the Oil Palm tree. It is used in many cosmetics for its moisturizing properties. When used in soap making, it produces a firm bar with lots of lather. It is somewhat less drying than coconut oil too!

What is the difference between palm oil and palm kernel oil?
Palm oil is found in the fleshy portion of the fruit (mesocarp), whereas palm kernel oil is found in the kernel or the seed of the fruit. These two oils have very different fatty acid compositions. Palm oil is 50% saturated fat and 50% unsaturated fat. More specifically palm oil contains approximately 44% palmitic acid, 5% stearic acid, 39% oleic
acid (monounsaturates), and 10% linoleic acid (polyunsaturates). Myristic acid and lauric acid are negligible. Conversely, the fatty acid composition of palm kernel oil resembles coconut oil, or what one generally thinks of when the term 'saturated fat' is used. Approximately 82% of palm kernel oil is saturated fat with the main contributors being 48% lauric acid, 16% myristic acid, and 8% palmitic acid. Approximately 18% of palm kernel oil is unsaturated fat with 15% oleic acid (monounsaturates) and 3% linoleic acid (polyunsaturates).

Melting Point: 102 ℉
Scent of Oil: None to light
Self Life is approximately 2 years, store in dark, cool place sealed from air.

INCI name: Elaeis guineensis (palm) kernel oil

SAP Value: 220
Solid Soap (NaOH): 0.157 (NaOH = Sodium Hydroxide)
Liquid Soap (KOH): 0.220 (KOH = Potassium Hydroxide)