Apple ORGANIC Flavor Oil

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Apple ORGANIC Flavor Oil

INCI: Flavor
Ingredients: Sunflower Oil and Natural Flavors.
This oil based flavor oil is recommended for use in lip products such as lip balm, lip scrub, and lip gloss and can also be used in candles.
Usage rate: 0.5% up to 3% (maximum).  It's always best to start low and work you way up to find the right level you would use in your formula.
Flashpoint: 200 degrees

Store in tightly sealed containers at temp not exceeding 75 degrees F. Stable up to 3 years if stored properly
NON-GMO: This product does not contain any genetically modified organisms.
This product does not contain any allergens.
Country of Origin: USA

This product is sold in an amber glass boston round bottle.



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