Sage Leaf

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Whole Sage Leaf

Great for additions to cold process soaps for added texture. Whole sage leaf is also tinctured, added to tea blends and used to produce infusions to make a color-enhancing and conditioning rinse for dark
colored hair.

The plant had a high reputation throughout the Middle Ages, with many sayings referring to its healing properties and value. It was sometimes called S. salvatrix (sage the savior), and was one of the ingredients of Four Thieves Vinegar, a blend of herbs which was supposed to ward off the plague. Dioscorides, Pliny, and Galen all recommended sage as a diuretic, hemostatic, emmenagogue, and tonic.

Active compounds: Flavonoid glycosides, tannic acid, caffeic acid, fumaric acid, carnosol, nicotinamide.
Country of origin: Albania
For external use only.
INCI: Salvia officinalis