2 oz HDPE Princess Tottles - Natural 22-400

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2 oz. HDPE Plastic Tottles 22-400

The HDPE plastic is impact resistant while still being flexible enough to easily squeeze to dispense your product. As always, be sure to test your products with these containers to ensure proper compatibility.
These are popular for cosmetics that need to be squeezed out such as lotions, lip-glosses, shampoos, conditioners, body scrubs, and facial cleansers. Also knows as Malibu Bottles.

Color: Natural
Material: HDPE
Neck Size: 22-400
Height: 3.85 inch
Width: 1.75 inch
Depth: 1.4 inch

Cap that will fit this container (shown in pictures but sold separate):

Flip Top Cap - Black 22-400